May 2, 2007

Game Switch

I just came back from a basketball game here in our subdivision. During that game a recent conversation with my friend pop out of my mind. This friend of mine who used to be my server-mate in pRO(Philippine Ragnarok Online) is keep on telling me that i should switch to another game because ragnarok is already "Laos". Sure ragnarok is a 4 year old game. Yeah, there are other better looking games. And yes pRO is filled with AI. What the hell, i love the game and i vowed to myself that i would still play ro until the time LU! just shut down pRO. I've been playing it for 4 years already and my passion for the game is still there. I met nice friends thru the game. I have a great guild and guildmates. So why would i abandon the game? is it because it's already "laos". gimme a good reason to quit this game and ill quit alright?

Here's a pic of my avatars in RO from odin server soon to be Tyr


GM Tristan said...

Thanks for putting me in your blog roll. Good luck to your blog and seeya in the server merge

Rok On!


Fliptop said...

No prob GM Tristan /heh