May 5, 2007

Nba Playoffs: Bulls Vs Pistons

It was an interesting first round for the playoffs this year. Warrior Upsetting the Mavs, Bulls Sweeping the Heats out of the Playoffs. Whats Next?!? Cavs winning the title... well that's not impossible. Here's my preview of the upcoming 2nd round match-up between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit.

Bulls(no.5) VS Pistons(no1.)
Just like the Old times. Back then the bulls was lead by His Airness Micheal Jordan and Detriot was known as the Bad Boys. Fast forward to 2007, Bulls led by Ben Wallace and Kirk Hinrich are going up against Billups' Pistons in this Eastern Conference Playoffs 2nd round match-up. Well either way this team can win the championship with there defensive intensity. Sad to say one of them can only advance to the next round. Bulls have a 3-1 record against the bulls during the season. During those 3 wins Billups wasn't there. It will be the first time Big Ben would face his former team in the playoffs whom he won his first NBA ring. If the bulls wants to win this series they got to force the pistons backcourt into miscues and there young stars should continue with there scoring attack. For the pistons they got to put a bucket against the Bulls Defense
Fearless Forecast: Bulls winning the series in 6 games.

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