May 5, 2007

Waukster Online

Waukster Online,blog of Mr. Carlo Ople currently the brand manager of Philippine Ragnarok Online. It's not just another ordinary blog, it's his own way to communicate to the pRO community about upcoming patches, updates and issues concerning to the pRO community. The blog even give us updates on the upcoming game from Gravity Ragnarok 2. There's even more, he blogs about happenings in LU! office, Gamer Interviews, and LU! Events.

It's nice to see someone from LevelUp! is reaching out to the pRO community, specially if it is pRO brand manager it's a nice thing.I admire his passion to provide his customers better service. The blog is very useful specially for us (pRO Community).Just like what happen weeks ago with the chaos server, with chaos server down for days people were constantly visiting the blog for updates on their server. One thing i like most about the blog is the sneak peak on upcoming Hypermart items and what's new with every maintenance. Keep it up Wauks!
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Rating: 8.5/10