May 7, 2007

RWC/RPC 07 and Merge

10 days before server merge and 17 days before agit lords counting begin. With Only a week to familiarize your new servermates, I can say that this year's RPC will be more exciting than last year. More Formidable guilds to face, A new Agit Lord Mechanics and RWC is added to spice up this year's competition amongst the guilds. Just like the NBA playoffs, this is the season where legends are born. With guilds aspiring to be named Philippine Ragnarok Champs, the competition just got even harder. Pressure has risen amongst the guilds of pRO to recruit new men to bring them to glory. Who will rise to the occasion and claim worthy to be called server sovereign?Who will raise the flag of the Philippines this RWC?Who will be worthy to be called the RPC champs?
Let the War of Emperium begin!!! To war my fellow ONS!!! To Victory!!!

Special thanks to Wauks for info about the merge and RPC/RWC07

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