June 4, 2007

NBA Finals

It's been a long time since i updated my blog, busy with my 2 brothers' enrollment, RPC 07, and my review for my upcoming PEPT test which is on July 30 (Wish Me Luck).

Oh Yeah Cleveland Cavaliers just beat the Pistons for the franchise' first NBA Finals Appearance .As for my Chicago Bulls they were oust in 6 games during the second round of the playoffs, which is opposite from my fearless forecast. Let's move on to the NBA Finals. It's Tim Duncan's Spurs against Lebron James' Cavaliers, It's like a David and Goliath match up. Spurs has everything to win to the Larry O'Brien Trophy, while the underdog Cavaliers have the youth talent and King James to put up a fight against the Spurs. The key for the Spurs to win this series is to Contain Lebron James and let the Cavs play a halfcourt game, as for the Cavs they need to involve everyone in the offense, contain the Spurs' Big 3, and Run for easy buckets.
Spurs will win the series but Cavs can pull-off an upset in this series.

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