March 15, 2009


Everyday in your life you have to make decisions. Decisions like "Should I take the cab?, Where should I eat my lunch? Should I tell someone this? and so on". Every choice you make would have it's own consequences and effects in your life. In some point in our lives you'll encounter a "Damned if I do, Damned if I don't" situations and this where this quote comes into play. But how would you decide on this kind of decision?. Every time I encounter this kind of situation I always base my decision on which is good for the party concerned rather thinking which is good for me. So that's why it sucks being me (Hehe!).

Just lately, a February 25 decision is catching up on me. It was choice between a friend whom I promised to be with that day or starting early for a job. Knowing me I chose the friend rather thinking of myself.I really hate breaking a promise i made to someone because I know what it feels like. Just last Friday we were called for an emergency meeting informing us that our start day would be pushed to a much later date which is May. The team was given a choice of transferring to another account or just wait for May which is 2 months from now. As for me i was not given that option of transferring to another account because: 1) I was endorsed to many accounts already 2) In my case i have limited accounts to get into because of certain specifications and 3) I pulled out from a certain account which I could have passed (Based from what they say). So I have to wait for the May start date.As soon as I knew about this, a part of me is regretting that decision I made because I was so close to nailing an account which started March 9. But looking back the regret that I felt just fades way just knowing that I fulfilled a promise and helped a friend along the way. Just the thought of fulfilling a promise just makes me feel better and even more whenever I know that I helped someone.

"I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision."
I know I did the right thing because I fulfilled promised I made and not thinking of myself.

March 14, 2009

Farewell RO

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do.But the fact still remains that someday in your life your going to say goodbye to someone or something. What's important is how you cherish those moments you had with that someone or something.I'm bidding goodbye to Ragnarok Online. It might be only a game for others but it played a major role in my life. This is where i met most of my friends and ym buddies.Anyway got nothing to say more and I really dont wanna elaborate them all because as of this writing I'm really sleepy.

I wanna to thank all of the people who have been a part of my RO life. First I wanna thank the Fraglimit peepz. They were the ones who introduced me to the game. I want to thank my EHOC(Odin Server) family for giving me my first taste of Siege. Thanks to my Order of the New Shield family (ONS [W], [A], and [Sp]) for the friendship and cammederie we had during our RPC campaign specially to Sir Astro, War (Glen), J-za (Ron), GaMe-oF-Accuracy (Robert), Makaveli (Klang), kitz* (Pat), Jhayrion (Jhay), Monzkie (Emon), Vejah (Toti), Septemberus (Melvin), Octoberus (Jp), Ryan (forgot ur ingame name bro), Chinitz (ally), Mimi, Yak, Paul, Dan, Tey, and the rest of the gang (sorry guys there just too many of you to mention.Thanks for the friendship and memories. I'll cherish those moments. Thank you Guys!

June 24, 2007

June 23 07 DOG Alliance WOE Vid

Let me introduce you to the DOGs of Tyr server. DOG alliance is formed by 3 major guilds from Odin, namely Demi-Gods, Order of The New Shield (ONS) and Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO). ONS (which is my guild) and GTO formed there alliance during the the Tao Gungka Siege Series which was unexpected by other guilds and even myself because GTO back then were one of our fiercest rivals. Demi-Gods came to the alliance 2-3 weeks before the server merge, thus the DOG alliance is formed. Nuff of the info, here's a short video of our siege last Saturday (June 23, 2007). Thanks to GaMe-oF-Accuracy for the video

June 4, 2007

NBA Finals

It's been a long time since i updated my blog, busy with my 2 brothers' enrollment, RPC 07, and my review for my upcoming PEPT test which is on July 30 (Wish Me Luck).

Oh Yeah Cleveland Cavaliers just beat the Pistons for the franchise' first NBA Finals Appearance .As for my Chicago Bulls they were oust in 6 games during the second round of the playoffs, which is opposite from my fearless forecast. Let's move on to the NBA Finals. It's Tim Duncan's Spurs against Lebron James' Cavaliers, It's like a David and Goliath match up. Spurs has everything to win to the Larry O'Brien Trophy, while the underdog Cavaliers have the youth talent and King James to put up a fight against the Spurs. The key for the Spurs to win this series is to Contain Lebron James and let the Cavs play a halfcourt game, as for the Cavs they need to involve everyone in the offense, contain the Spurs' Big 3, and Run for easy buckets.
Spurs will win the series but Cavs can pull-off an upset in this series.

May 7, 2007

RWC/RPC 07 and Merge

10 days before server merge and 17 days before agit lords counting begin. With Only a week to familiarize your new servermates, I can say that this year's RPC will be more exciting than last year. More Formidable guilds to face, A new Agit Lord Mechanics and RWC is added to spice up this year's competition amongst the guilds. Just like the NBA playoffs, this is the season where legends are born. With guilds aspiring to be named Philippine Ragnarok Champs, the competition just got even harder. Pressure has risen amongst the guilds of pRO to recruit new men to bring them to glory. Who will rise to the occasion and claim worthy to be called server sovereign?Who will raise the flag of the Philippines this RWC?Who will be worthy to be called the RPC champs?
Let the War of Emperium begin!!! To war my fellow ONS!!! To Victory!!!

Special thanks to Wauks for info about the merge and RPC/RWC07

May 5, 2007

Waukster Online

Waukster Online,blog of Mr. Carlo Ople currently the brand manager of Philippine Ragnarok Online. It's not just another ordinary blog, it's his own way to communicate to the pRO community about upcoming patches, updates and issues concerning to the pRO community. The blog even give us updates on the upcoming game from Gravity Ragnarok 2. There's even more, he blogs about happenings in LU! office, Gamer Interviews, and LU! Events.

It's nice to see someone from LevelUp! is reaching out to the pRO community, specially if it is pRO brand manager it's a nice thing.I admire his passion to provide his customers better service. The blog is very useful specially for us (pRO Community).Just like what happen weeks ago with the chaos server, with chaos server down for days people were constantly visiting the blog for updates on their server. One thing i like most about the blog is the sneak peak on upcoming Hypermart items and what's new with every maintenance. Keep it up Wauks!
More Power!
Rating: 8.5/10

Nba Playoffs: Bulls Vs Pistons

It was an interesting first round for the playoffs this year. Warrior Upsetting the Mavs, Bulls Sweeping the Heats out of the Playoffs. Whats Next?!? Cavs winning the title... well that's not impossible. Here's my preview of the upcoming 2nd round match-up between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit.

Bulls(no.5) VS Pistons(no1.)
Just like the Old times. Back then the bulls was lead by His Airness Micheal Jordan and Detriot was known as the Bad Boys. Fast forward to 2007, Bulls led by Ben Wallace and Kirk Hinrich are going up against Billups' Pistons in this Eastern Conference Playoffs 2nd round match-up. Well either way this team can win the championship with there defensive intensity. Sad to say one of them can only advance to the next round. Bulls have a 3-1 record against the bulls during the season. During those 3 wins Billups wasn't there. It will be the first time Big Ben would face his former team in the playoffs whom he won his first NBA ring. If the bulls wants to win this series they got to force the pistons backcourt into miscues and there young stars should continue with there scoring attack. For the pistons they got to put a bucket against the Bulls Defense
Fearless Forecast: Bulls winning the series in 6 games.

May 2, 2007

Game Switch

I just came back from a basketball game here in our subdivision. During that game a recent conversation with my friend pop out of my mind. This friend of mine who used to be my server-mate in pRO(Philippine Ragnarok Online) is keep on telling me that i should switch to another game because ragnarok is already "Laos". Sure ragnarok is a 4 year old game. Yeah, there are other better looking games. And yes pRO is filled with AI. What the hell, i love the game and i vowed to myself that i would still play ro until the time LU! just shut down pRO. I've been playing it for 4 years already and my passion for the game is still there. I met nice friends thru the game. I have a great guild and guildmates. So why would i abandon the game? is it because it's already "laos". gimme a good reason to quit this game and ill quit alright?

Here's a pic of my avatars in RO from odin server soon to be Tyr