March 15, 2009


Everyday in your life you have to make decisions. Decisions like "Should I take the cab?, Where should I eat my lunch? Should I tell someone this? and so on". Every choice you make would have it's own consequences and effects in your life. In some point in our lives you'll encounter a "Damned if I do, Damned if I don't" situations and this where this quote comes into play. But how would you decide on this kind of decision?. Every time I encounter this kind of situation I always base my decision on which is good for the party concerned rather thinking which is good for me. So that's why it sucks being me (Hehe!).

Just lately, a February 25 decision is catching up on me. It was choice between a friend whom I promised to be with that day or starting early for a job. Knowing me I chose the friend rather thinking of myself.I really hate breaking a promise i made to someone because I know what it feels like. Just last Friday we were called for an emergency meeting informing us that our start day would be pushed to a much later date which is May. The team was given a choice of transferring to another account or just wait for May which is 2 months from now. As for me i was not given that option of transferring to another account because: 1) I was endorsed to many accounts already 2) In my case i have limited accounts to get into because of certain specifications and 3) I pulled out from a certain account which I could have passed (Based from what they say). So I have to wait for the May start date.As soon as I knew about this, a part of me is regretting that decision I made because I was so close to nailing an account which started March 9. But looking back the regret that I felt just fades way just knowing that I fulfilled a promise and helped a friend along the way. Just the thought of fulfilling a promise just makes me feel better and even more whenever I know that I helped someone.

"I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision."
I know I did the right thing because I fulfilled promised I made and not thinking of myself.

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