March 14, 2009

Farewell RO

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do.But the fact still remains that someday in your life your going to say goodbye to someone or something. What's important is how you cherish those moments you had with that someone or something.I'm bidding goodbye to Ragnarok Online. It might be only a game for others but it played a major role in my life. This is where i met most of my friends and ym buddies.Anyway got nothing to say more and I really dont wanna elaborate them all because as of this writing I'm really sleepy.

I wanna to thank all of the people who have been a part of my RO life. First I wanna thank the Fraglimit peepz. They were the ones who introduced me to the game. I want to thank my EHOC(Odin Server) family for giving me my first taste of Siege. Thanks to my Order of the New Shield family (ONS [W], [A], and [Sp]) for the friendship and cammederie we had during our RPC campaign specially to Sir Astro, War (Glen), J-za (Ron), GaMe-oF-Accuracy (Robert), Makaveli (Klang), kitz* (Pat), Jhayrion (Jhay), Monzkie (Emon), Vejah (Toti), Septemberus (Melvin), Octoberus (Jp), Ryan (forgot ur ingame name bro), Chinitz (ally), Mimi, Yak, Paul, Dan, Tey, and the rest of the gang (sorry guys there just too many of you to mention.Thanks for the friendship and memories. I'll cherish those moments. Thank you Guys!

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